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I also prefer to wear my D24 Corkscrew with two coils removed for a lighter/smaller profile that is easier to put on and wear as well as conceal beneath clothing.

I generally wear the Corkscrew at home around the house. If I go out I may or may not wear an untucked shirt over top and find it a bit of a thrill to exhibit the significant bulge that it produces.

Not sure about the cooling sensation. I remove the Corkscrew to urinate

For the most part, I am not wearing the Corkscrew these days as testing of the new Vac hanger is underway. Without a lot of hanging experience i.e.. no pre existing conditioning of the penis tissue for testing the maximum weight possible (32 lbs so far) there is some bruising that can happen. It takes a couple of days rest to recover and then more testing again.

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