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Okay so, I am on my fourth day of wearing my gear. Although a little too big for my shorty (B30) I make it work (I did order a smaller one for my tiny guy), no appearance of gains. I wear the inner wear, both sleeves, the retainer ring and the corkscrew. I had to cut two coils off the corkscrew because it was way too big and heavy. The corkscrew is still just a little long so I take that last coil and wrap it around my balls sort of like a ball stretcher. I feel like I have a hard-on all day. I have worn it in public with a long shirt and it is exciting to know the bulge is there. There is this cooling sensation (can anyone explain) around my shaft, although strange I kind of like it, it’s kind of kinky. Drawbacks that I encounter is that;

1. Bending over is a little uncomfortable

2. when I take a piss it is a little difficult. Does anyone else have that problem or do I just have the corkscrew on too tight?

what’s your story?



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