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I’m sorry the leather stretcher I suggested didn’t work out for you, U-Dragon. I’ve been wearing a leather stretcher since I was 16 and suffered a testicle torsion from playing 4 sports year-round.  My Urologist prescribed it for me as a solution to guard against injuries and hold my balls firmly in place for my rehab.  It’s been a godsend for me, and has kept me injury free for years.  I graduated the size of course as I matured, & my balls and scrotum became much larger (I’ve always had larger lower-hanging balls than most guys according to my Uro).  I now wear one 2″ wide with a balls-divider strap built into it for the extra support of my “boys”. It’s very comfortable to wear even 24/7, and MUCH more comfortable than a jockstrap for non-contact sports (like jogging/working out) and healthier too, ’cause my junk stays much cooler!

I don’t think I’d suggest wearing anything metal around your ball-sac playing sports, but my leather ones have always been great for that. Good luck with your stretching, though.  Lower-hanging bigger & healthier balls feel great and are a constant reminder 24/7 we’re ALL MALE!  Good LUCK!

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