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The size of Corkscrew you ordered will be having a big influence on the way the system works. The bigger sizes can be very heavy whereas the smaller sizes not so much and this changes the dynamics of the device. Once you open it up and have a look you will find a PVC end cap included with the kit for sealing the wire after cutting one or more coils off with a box cutter. In this way you can optimize the size to your preferred style of use. For example I wear the D24 with two coils removed for the lighter/smaller profile that is easier to get on, more comfortable to wear for longer periods and all around easier to conceal with more confidence. In any case, you will want to be within certain parameters of activity with respect to wearing the Corkscrew out and around in public. I tend to wear mine in the privacy of my home or for short predictable outings to the corner store for example. In contrast the inner wear can be worn anytime/anywhere so you will want to take your time and experiment to see how things work best for you.

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