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I finally got mine, and am trying it out at the time of this writing.  I like the weight of it, and wasn’t expecting it to be that heavy. Is it lead wrapped in plastic, or some other easily deformable metal? I did end up having to take three loops off the end in order for it to fit well, without trying to stretch the penis too far. I’m wearing it with the custom Stealth that I ordered, and the size came out perfectly.

Might I suggest more end caps for the corkscrew? In case someone wants to keep the removed loops and use them for something? (I suggest 6-8 in total. That way all ends can be capped, to prevent exposure to the metal.) I also noted that the metal can be extremely easily cut with a wire cutter, or side cutters, and it leaves a very clean cut, and is relatively easy to cap off.

Overall, I’m liking it so far.

Happy Stealthing 🙂

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