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I picked up that stretcher that I linked to above, and I like the weight of it, but it’s still pretty hard to put on. I suspect I’ll get better at it, but apparently I have more scrotal skin than I need, as it’s a beach and a half to get it all to fit inside the stretcher, but I can do it, and have managed to wear it a LOT longer than I’ve ever been able to wear the leather ones that I have. I do believe that a hinged stretcher is definitely the way to go, as I can’t imagine even getting it on without one; trying to put one side on with a loosely threaded bolt seems like a damn good way to strip out a bolt, or worse, the internal threads of the hole it goes into.

Here’s a pic of it on, in case anyone’s curious:

Ball stretcher in place.

The glans ring is one I picked up from Male Essentials. I really like it.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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