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Hey Stealth Man,

Regarding the vac hanging kit, I’d probably buy it just for the knee mod, and maybe eventually work up to ‘free-hanging’ with some weights — although I’d have to be very confident that it wouldn’t harm me, but given your track record so far with the Stealth, I doubt that that will be a problem.

Regarding the hydro pump, I’m hoping the price isn’t too high, or it might be one of those ‘nice-to-have’ items that I can’t reasonably afford. I know you’re going for quality, and I would too. But at the same time, there’s a price I won’t go beyond as far as this stuff is concerned. I’m not a PE junkie, I’m a tinkerer, and love to try things out and see how they work. But, that said, I do hope to see some gains from using these kinds of products.

Anyhoo, once the items are available (for testing, or on the market; although, as you guys know, I’d love to beta test everything,) you can expect me to do what I can to understand them, how they’re used, and the best ways to take advantage of their functionality, and then make that information available to the guys here and on the G+ community that I created (there will probably be videos, if I feel it’s appropriate.) I want to help wherever I can, and hope to be able to use the products that you guys at Stealth create, to do it.

Thanks, and happy Stealthing, in all its forms 🙂

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