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Hey guys, I think Tekcon has a point about reselling a penis extension device. I’m not too sure how a ‘slightly used’ device of that nature would sell. Although it’d be fun to see if it would. That said, I hope the original user at least sterilizes it prior to sale. (But, to be honest, I’d never buy anything used, of that nature.)

I’m interested in the vac hanger, but I’m hoping it won’t require the use of weights, I’d rather do something like what some others are doing and loop it around me (or perhaps run a length of line or a strap down one or both legs, to the knees, for tension,) so that I can wear it all day, and not have to worry much about it. I can only imagine trying to walk around with 10-20 pounds of weight hanging onto my penis. Although I’m sure push-ups would take on a new level of challenge. 🙂

The only way to do push-ups?

The hydro pump sounds intriguing, as I’ve read that water pumping is supposed to be easier on the skin, and the penis as a whole, so I’ll be looking forward to that one.

That said, I’ve been trying out water with the air pump that I have, and it does seem to work reasonably well (It’s a squeeze bulb type, so that’s pretty easy to use with either air or water.) Although I do have to more or less ‘hang out’ near the tub/shower, even though I’m careful to not let it leak anywhere. I’m sure the hydro pump will be much more suitable for such endeavors, though. I just hope it is significantly less expensive than the Bathmate and other similar items.

Anyhoo guys, happy Stealthing, Pumping, (Vac) Hanging, and whatever other PE that you do. 🙂

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