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Hey guys,

I’ve done a short video, but I haven’t uploaded it yet. If anyone is interested, I might be able to upload it to either my Google Drive, or perhaps Youtube as a private video. It’s a bit under 8 minutes or so long, and I show how to put the Stealth on the way that I normally do, so as to enhance prevention of turtling, and perhaps to aid with gentle extension of the penis. I do use a metal glans ring, but you can leave that out, and perhaps use something a bit less rigid.

Also, I wanted to check with Stealth Man and the forum operators as a whole about posting video links. Is that permissible?

In any case, happy Stealthing 🙂



Is comment editing going to become a thing at some point? It would be very helpful, as it would allow us to update comments with new info, as needed. 🙂

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