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Sorry to say that we don’t have any more video uploaded as of yet.

The only real challenge that would prevent progression on the learning curve to mastering the use of the Corkscrew would be if the coils are simply too long to secure behind the glans or too tight to thread onto the shaft.

To make the Corkscrew wider in diameter you can simply unscrew the coils to open them up to the required girth. For length you can use a box cutter to remove coils one at a time to determine your preferred length. You can use the PVC end cap that is included in the kit to seal the wire.

Once you have the coil properly prepared it is relatively easy to put on and wear.

As seen in the demo clip… put one of the spandex sleeves halfway on the penis leaving the other end hanging off so that it can be used to thread the coil into place at the base of the penis. Then tighten the last two coils a bit with a screwing motion to semi secure in place and then remove the sleeve. You can fine tune the intensity of the coils grip behind the glans by tightening more. Finally you can adjust the tension of the coils along the entire shaft to more evenly distribute the load.

To remove simply loosen the coils and slide the coil off. You can reform the distorted Corkscrew after use on the reforming tube by screwing both ends at the same time with a compressing action in opposite directions to align the coils for the next Corkscrew session.

Its fairly straightforward so I suspect the Corkscrew might be too long which would definitely make it more challenging to put on. If you cannot pull the glans thru the coils you need to cut coils off one at a time until you can easily secure the last coil in place behind the glans. Don’t be afraid to go a couple of coils shorter and then spread the coils apart to extend the penis. This will make for a lighter Corkscrew that is easier to get on and conceal beneath clothing as well.

As mentioned there is a learning curve involved so make sure you experiment and develop the skill to make use of this device.

If you have any further questions I will be happy to offer more specific suggestions.

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