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The urination technique needs to be adjusted to avoid any leakage from happening afterwards. The key is to relax and contract the PC muscle 2-3 more times than usual to completely drain the pipes. You don’t want to make the mistake of being in a rush and assuming everything is done only to realize later… it wasn’t. Another tip is to remove the Retainer Band to piss and then put it back (at the base) when finished. This will effectively act as a “stop cock” to prevent any leakage after the fact.

Also when new the fit will be tighter and urination more challenging. During the first week or so the sleeves might make it too tight for successful elimination. Once the materials break-in for a more relaxed and comfortable fit then one or the other spandex sleeves can be worn until broken-in and then both at the same time if that better suits the purpose on a given day.

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