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Turteling is most commonly caused by overly active cremaster muscles (the involuntary smooth muscle tissue that surrounds our testicles).  They are the muscles that cause the testes to hug your shaft and retract the testes & penis when activated by cortisol & adrenaline from the brain during “fight or flight response”, cold temperatures (to warm up the testes), or to protect the penis & testes when playing sports or performing dangerous or strenuous tasks like lifting at the gym.  Pelvic floor imbalance can also be a contributing factor in turteling. The cremaster muscles can be trained to become more “voluntary”, meaning you can consciously relax them and thereby prevent turteling, if your pelvic floor is in balance.

The simplest solution is to wear a leather balls-stretcher or “cuff” around your ball sac ALL DAY, forcing your testes into the bottom of your scrotum, elongating your vas defrese (spermatic cords), and thereby maintaining your “hang” 24/7.  I’ve never turtled, but I’ve worn a leather balls stretcher for many years.  My Urologist prescribed one for me when I was 16 and suffered a testicular torsion injury playing football.  Wearing my balls stretcher along with some testicle stretching exercises he taught me, helped me fully recover from my injury, avoiding surgery.  My Uro further instructed me to ALWAYS wear my stretcher instead of, or inside of my jock/ cup when playing sports, to protect my testes.  I wear mine playing sports, jogging or exercising and during sex too (I can deep thrust with reckless abandon without fear of my balls suffering injury, PLUS my partner loves my balls slapping her) LOL!

Balls stretcher are a healthy alternative to a jock or compression shorts too, because your balls stay cooler, fully extended, and won’t twist or bounce excessively when jogging or working out. It feels great to have your balls swinging ALL DAY :commando”, and they’re VERY comfortable, so I wear mine frequently just going casual.  They’re inexpensive (cost bout $9 US), and offer so many benefits that ALL guys should wear one!   I have mine custom made for me by Wayne Lawrence at blue collar fetishwear (dot) com.  He can walk you through measuring yourself and will custom make one for you.  If worn regularly, it will retrain your cremaster muscles, eliminate turteling, and protect your balls, making them grow larger, healthier (cooler), and swing freely & comfortably 24/7!


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