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I just posted this response to the same question on another thread… however depending on the answer it may go in a different direction.

First lets make sure you have your Stealth set-up properly for the best performance. While wearing the orientation of the logo should have the top of the letters facing towards you when looking down… same as your regular under wear logo would be.

This requires that the base band is folded twice so that the leading inside edge of the band is lined up with or slightly overlapping the exposed seam where the single layer of material transitions into the double layer of the sheath section.

Its counter intuitive to have the seam exposed so guys often think that it is not supposed to be facing outside. If you do have it set-up this way the silicone ring will be facing towards the outside and it will not able to secure the penis into extension properly. This is due to the tendency of the silicone ring to roll under and allow retraction and /or slippage to occur

Check it out and see, let me know and we take it from there.

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