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Hi there,

I thought I’d give a quick review and a summary of my thoughts.

  • Stealth for Men Support:
    • there was some problem with shipping but Stealth Support quickly responded to all my E-Mails within less than a few hours everytime. They even offered me a replacement which I received yesterday. 5/5 * for support. Very helpful.
  • The product and costs:
    • for a product like this which has a good quality imo the price of 35$ (for all sizes!) is fantastic. I’ve checked out other products in this category and they are either very costly (some even a few hundred $) or they lack quality. this is really different with stealth
    • the quality of the product is nice indeed. I had far more expensive products of this category and they had material problems or even broke after some time. even though I’ve just received Stealth I noticed that this will not happen
    • 3 advantages for 1 product. This was one of my main reasons to order it. other products mostly focus on one thing but Stealth is what I was looking for.
  • effects and usage:
    • I’ve worn Stealth for about a day now, with some breaks during night. It also slipped off once but that was because I used it wrong. After a quick feedback to the support I immediately got a helpful answer as well.
    • after the first night I’ve noticed that in flaccid state there was still additional gained left – a thing I usually only achieved after a pumping session the day before. This literally replaced a PE session and was worn very comfortably as well
  • long time effects:
    • as I’ve only worn it for less than a day by now I cannot judge this point yet but given what I’ve seen looks promising.

With my next order I’ll make sure to test another size, most likely one size smaller in girth. I’ll also test the corkscrew which sounds quite nice as well. For a good price like this I doubt I could do anything wrong at all!


Thanks a lot @Stealth team and greetings from Germany. 😉

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