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4 Epic Boys Night Out Ideas

When your job, bills and girlfriend are driving you off the edge, there is only one remedy: boy’s night out! It’s where men can bond, be themselves and do what they love. When you round up your best buds and hit the city, you’ll be able to chill out, let go of your worries and blow off some steam. It might involve stupidity, heavy drinking and possibly a few injuries, but one thing is guaranteed: you’ll have a great time!

The go-to choice for boy’s night is a trip to the local bar. But weekend after weekend, it’s bound to get old. That’s why we’ve put together this list of new adventures to enjoy with your crew.

Movie Night

Your girlfriend probably hates violent action films just as much as you hate her sappy chick flicks. Instead of taking her on a date to a movie she won’t enjoy, leave her at home and head out for a chill boy’s night out.

BBQ and Beers

Barbecuing is a ritual in the man world. The meat, the fire, the knives and the smoke arouse our primitive instincts and connect us to the very roots of our masculinity. Throw in a few beers to the mix, and you have the perfect boy’s night!

Go Karting

You may think of go-karting as nothing more than your favourite childhood activity, but today’s go kart’s are much more than that: they’re fast, advanced and require skill. This is the best way to get into racing without being as risky, expensive and complicated as the real thing. Head to your local track to ignite your competitive nature and get your adrenaline pumping.


Think of Edward Norton from the movie Rounders, his character probably inspires you to become an expert at the game. It’s because being a poker pro gives you a strong, confident, macho image – everything women love, and other men look up to! Having a poker night gives you the chance to celebrate being a man and beat the ultimate test of manhood. There’s no better way to lose money than to sit around and play poker, smoke cigars and drink beers with the boys.

And even if you’re planning on spending the night with boys, make sure you have your Stealth Male Enhancement Underwear on… you never know, you and your mates might get lucky and experience the perfect storm: when a boy’s night out runs into a girl’s night out.

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