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5 Cool Underwear Brands

Having gross, old underwear that is ill-fitting and full of holes is for the birds. This is a brand new era, and the modern man knows how to dress well from the floor up. Having a cool pair of underwear will not only make you appealing to whomever you choose to take off your pants in front of, but will also help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

You have invested in nice shoes, a polished wardrobe, and now it’s time to step it up in the undergarment department. Let these five brands enhance your underwear game and watch your confidence soar.

1. David Beckham Boxer Briefs for H&M-

Beckham exudes cool and his H&M boxer brief is stylish and comfortable. It’s minimalist and classic, and at only $15.00, it’s a hell of a deal for something that makes everything below the belt look so good.

2. UNIQLO Boxer Briefs-

These boxer briefs are incredibly cool without being over the top. You can wear them while exercising or when you are heading out for a night on the town. Their AIRism line is made with a cooling and quick dry material that helps keep you dry and also contains deodorizing properties. These boxer briefs are affordable enough to replace your entire underwear collection.

3. MeUndies Boxer Briefs, Briefs, and Trunks-

Super soft and made of Lenzig Modal fabric, MeUndies are the perfect pair of underwear if you want to stay cool when it’s hot out, or need something that stays warm when you’re freezing your “you know what’s” off. They come in fun colors and patterns, including their Fair Isle pattern that will leave you looking good for the holidays.

4. Bluebuck Boxer Briefs-

If you fancy chopping wood at your perfectly designed cabin in the woods, than Bluebuck will be the perfect pair of boxer briefs for you. With a classic design and minimalist feel, these boxers are GQ cool, without sacrificing the strong masculinity that a true outdoorsmen needs in a good pair of underwear.

5. Sunspel Boxer Briefs-

Sunspel has been in the underwear game since 1860, so they have had tons of time to perfect their craft. These stylish, classically fitted boxer briefs are packed with panache and elegance. At $50.00 a piece, they are on the pricey side, but they will never let you down when you need to look good in a more heated moment.

Match any of these options with your Stealth Innerwear and walk into any situation with complete confidence.

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