June, 2020

I am a big fan of stealth and I will keep buying the products for a very long time until there’s no more

June, 2020

I am contented with stealth by hundred percent. The sizing system is excellent. Sits perfectly, nothing dangles more around and the effect: largely, greater greatest.

March, 2020

I have been using stealth for several years now. It is extremely comfortable for all day wear. I never leave the house without it on. Creates an amazing profile without going to the point of making it look like I have an erection all the time. I wear it alone and with underwear. It has an amazing feel when you wear it. When I take it off I hang lower and my foreskin stays retracted. I believe it has improved my hang time in the sheets too. I’m on my 3rd larger size from when I started and all I can really say is. If you don’t ever try it you’ll never know how amazing it is. Thanks to everyone at stealth innerwear for an awesome product.

March, 2020

This is one product I highly recommend to men cause of its comfortability and its purpose of helping men with self-esteem problems of their size! I’ve tried many, many products similar to this and nothing compares to The Stealth. I will soon need to purchase a bigger size soon. I love how it gives you a very nice looking package in your pants. This Stealth really does enlarge your member. Again for those men out there who’s thinking of getting this product you’ll won’t be sorry. Mike

February, 2020

As one of the top gay male pornstars in the world, how I look soft is as important as how I look ready for action. My fans expect me to show a big package. Problem is, I’m more of a grower than a shower- except with Stealth. It expands me to my full nine inches so I never fall short (pun intended) of their expectations. Additionally, I find wearing the coil especially erotic. Just putting it gets me all excited and ready to go. Stealth is a fantastic product that’s safe, fun, and exciting to use

January, 2020

Stealth is a covert way to add a bit off girth to the arsenal. Seriously I was looking for a way to prevent “turtle syndrome “. Stealth pushes your package forward as well adding some heft to your bulge too. Looks great in nice fitted jeans and even a pair of swim trunks. I really like how it’s not “one size” fits all. I can find a Stealth that’s tailored to fit me. It’s comfortable and light weight. It’s great for briefs and even boxers. Stealth is virtually undetectable at urinals too. So no worries when your out on the town. No amount of movement will make this fall off too. It’s great all around

December, 2019

I have looked endlessly for comfortable underwear and even tried some with pouches that claim to accentuate and support. Stealth for men has been the only wear that accentuates, enhances for maximum comfort. Now I have to be mindful that pants and shorts are not too small. Any time I am without my stealth, I have to put it back on because I do not like to be uncomfortable.

November, 2019

Hey guys I just wanna start by saying this product is amazing. I have always been a “grower†and had a negative body image of my flaccid penis even when wearing shorts I worried someone would see the outline of my manhood. Well that problem is solved with stealth for men! Just wearing this comfortable device (I wear it 15 or so hours a day) has exponentially increased my confidence around women, truly worth the purchase right there. An added bonus is the permanent size increase when coupled with manual stretches and/or hanging. Best device to make sure all your hard work pays off on the market period! Pick one up now!!

October, 2019

Give you some Great ! Self confidence easy to wear . comfortable I wear it most of the day.

October, 2019

I have ordered a few of these. They are a great confidence booster and I notice that people check out my bulge with this on. I love the fact that now, even when I don’t wear it, that my flaccid length has increased. I love this and also recommend getting the coil as well. Great product, great customer service as well.



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