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StealthMan and I have the same dilemma 🙂

This is a great question, Christian!

There is an old trick in addition to wetting or lubricating nipples to play as these amazing oddities in men are still connected to the meridians and fascia as our lips, earlobes, prostate, and the sensitive areas of our penises … the perineum area is actually the very base of the penis and can be pressed, massaged, or thumped (no long fingernails, please) to stir an urgency in our erections.

Many a straight or gay brother has discovered that a very smooth, lubricated, and retrievable object can be inserted about 3 to 4 inches in the rectum to press or be slid-along the back-side of the prostate gland. Since the prostate gland creates about 23%+ of the fluid that is in semen, massaging this interesting gland (gently or pressingly against the inner surface of the rectum, not the tail-bone side) can build an urgency to our explosions that can be surprising.

If going in the “back-door” is unacceptable, here is an alternative. Tapping on the lower abdominal muscles just above the pubic bone can send tremors through a semi-full bladder to waken the prostate gland. Who would have guessed? A drummer probably discovered this playful trick. Each person responds differently to how long and how significant the thumping is needed. It seems that the more full the bladder, the more intensely the prostate is stirred into action and eruption.

The “sucking” sweetheart does not have to do all this, as you can imagine ways to share the playful action.

Of course the mind is the greatest stirring agent of orgasms.
Maybe these will be fun and yield that protein shake you want to share.

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