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Stealth Man

Hi LB,


The Innerwear comes with the two spandex sleeves and retainer band in the Stealth Pack. Depending on the fit, at first, when the fabric is brand new, you may not need to wear any of the sleeves over top of the Innerwear. As the material breaks in for a more comfortable fit you can begin experimenting with the spandex sleeves layered on top for more support. You can try one or the other or both sleeves at the same time to see what set-up suits your purpose, which can change depending on your mood, the clothes you wear and the social environment at the time. Yes, you can sleep with the Innerwear on at night no problem, however, I would recommend not to wear any sleeves layered on top as it may cause some discomfort during nocturnal erections which will wake you from your sleep. No worries as you will end up removing it half awake and then drift back into sleep. Again, you can experiment to see what you like best and maybe including the spandex sleeve is not an issue when sleeping. If you send me a message at the support email I will be able to send you links to some video that demonstrate how to put on and wear the devices.



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