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I really love David Archy with separate pouches.  I love that everything stays separate, my balls don’t ever touch my legs, my penis never gets lost in my balls, and the fly is so convenient and easy to use, I don’t know how I got by without them for my whole life.

I’ve heard they aren’t the best for “growers” since you can “fall out” of the penis part (though the one time it happened to me, it was still comfortable underwear…. and with a stealth on, you’ll never have an issue with that department!

It also works great for the magvolt and TPE Sabre Skin because the magvolt cannot come off, and the TPE skin can’t get stuck in or pull any hair because it’s been cordoned off!

Really standout underwear, and you can get it from amazon, so super convenient.  Only thing I don’t love is the waist band.  Its not bad, but  when compared to other great brands like mack weldon or saxx, it falls short.

Still, the construction is solid, and the overall garment design is ingenious, highly recommended.

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