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Hello DP6Stealth,

I apologize for your frustration. I am the Customer Service Rep who you were dealing with (Anamika). I just looked thru our chat and email history.

On August 15th, you started a chat to which I promptly replied and answered all your questions. Our chat lasted for about 5 minutes, after which I tried answer your last question and I was notified that you had gone offline. This can sometimes happen if there’s an internet connection problem or if you leave the website.

After that, you tried to start another chat but none of our Customer Service Reps were available to help you as this was outside our Live Chat hours of operation. However, I did follow up with you on email within a few hours with the following message:

“I apologize that we missed your chat. All our customer service reps were either offline or chatting with other customers. I am emailing to follow up with you. Please let me know what your question was and I’ll be happy to help.”

I did not get a response to my email. Two days later, you started another chat to which I replied to promptly (within 50 seconds). I chatted with you for over 30 minutes and answered all your questions and even offered to include a free gift with your purchase. Before exiting the chat, you rated my service as “Good” on the customer feedback form.

After shipping your order, I sent you another email following up and confirming that all your special requests had been taken care of.

I hope you are fully satisfied with my customer service.

Have a great day!

Customer Service

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