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Recently found out about Stealth products via a different forum and decided to give it a try. I’m interested in passive penis enlargement due to my schedule and this is the first system that I’ve worn that I can actually wear comfortably, although I’m still not able to wear it at night. I think I was a little too conservative in my sizing and ordered a size too small. Which explains why it was extremely unpleasant on trying to wear my Stealth innerwear the first few days where i felt like i was rubbing sandpaper against my penis trying to get it through the silicon ring. Next month I might size up and see if I can go through the night without any discomfort.

I am still waiting on my corkscrew to be delivered (guess it takes awhile) and I hope that even going a size up on the innerwear I can still use the corkscrew… will see.

Anyway, great product, I look forward to more products out of the Stealth Lab (all the devices mentioned in that thread have me interested) and hope to be an active member.

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