Stealth Innerwear for men

Stealth welcomes you to discover the latest and most effective male enhancement underwear on the market today.

Stealth goes far beyond the popular pouches, slings, and padding that other brands offer. Only our design actually lengthens the penis up to twice its normal flaccid size while adding plenty of extra girth too!

Stealth is meant to be worn as a true innerwear. So you can still enjoy your favourite designer styles whether it be regular, pouch, bikini, thong, or even swimwear!

Worn daily Stealth Innerwear continuously trains your anatomy to remain fully extended to prevent “turtling”. This problem typically occurs when a guy gets cold, feels insecure or nervous and during heavy physical exercise.

Stealth has 7 unique and distinct advantages...

  • Expands easily and comfortably to accomodate spontanious erections.
  • Will not interefere with urination so using a public washroom poses no problems whatsoever.
  • The “freeballer” design gives the testicles freedom to modulate their temperature.
  • The base collar prominantly positions the balls and at the same time prevents complete retraction.
  • Stays in place and never slips off so it is completely hassle free.
  • Can be quickly put on and off with ease.

Then Stealth Mens Wear takes it BIG step further by offering you the unique health benefits of FIR therapy. We use proprietary bio-ceramic technology to infuse our fabric with minerals that are known to have powerful physiological effects on the body. These select minerals generate both Negative Ions and emit, reflect and radiate far infrared rays to redirect heat that penetrates deeply into the penis tissue.This increases micro circulation of the blood by 18% as well as enhancing other metabolic functions at the cellular level. This is good news for anyone who wants a larger, healthier and better functioning penis.

Other benefits include powerful antibacterial properties that get rid of potentially embarrassing “crotch” odors and reduce the chances of infection! For more information documenting these results see our scientific reports on the Stealth nano infused fabric tested under strict laboratory conditions.

Stealth has worldwide patents pending status.

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