Sabre Skin


The Sabre Skin™ is a thermoplastic elastomer sleeve available in flesh-tone colour. It has multiple uses in your penis enlargement routine such as anti-turtling, all-day penis extension, and as a girth resistance sleeve when pumping for length.

Moisture Wicking

When worn in combination with the Innerwear, the fabric underlay effectively wicks moisture away from the skin.


Our material is much more dynamic in comparison to the standard silicone sleeves that are available in the market.


Our dual-layer fabric underlay system is also easier to put on and take off compared to other silicone sleeves. 

  • It's awesome! Exactly the right wall thickness, and it's stiff enough to help keep everything in place while being flexible enough to not raise eyebrows
  • I love it. I use it as an all-day-stretcher and also in combination with a vac-hanger. It's working perfect!
  • I am really impressed. It retains just the right amount of elasticity for a firm yet flexible rubber sheath. It's easy to get on too.
  • An extremely versatile sleeve of very high quality, far superior to others on the market. I am delighted with the product, it's a great piece of equipment.

Sabre Skin


Please follow the measuring instructions at the bottom of this page. Then enter your girth measurements into the drop-down boxes below. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you. The Sabre Skin™ is available in all twelve girths and a standard 8” length which is cut-to-size before use.

Our broad spectrum of 99 sizes helps ensure that every man gets his perfect fit. For optimum performance, Stealth must be sized accurately. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

Measuring Instructions


To measure length: In the flaccid (soft) condition, clamp your penis head using your thumb and finger. Fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Lightly press the ruler slightly (1/2" only) into the fat pad towards the pubic bone. Measure along your shaft without including your penis head.


To measure girth: Once again, fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your shaft right behind the penis head. If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap a strip of paper behind your penis head. Mark the strip of paper and then measure the distance on a ruler.


After you’ve measured yourself and double-checked for accuracy, enter your length and girth into the drop-down menus. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you. The size code will be shown in the display box for your reference. You may manually adjust it, if needed.

How to Measure
How to Wear

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Happy with the Sabre Skin

I’m wearing a couple hours a day. I like the length tug it gives me when I pump. I’m still trying different wear combinations. I’m impressed with your products and company.

Jack S
Great Sleeve

Have been using for a few weeks now, seems well made and durable. Stays in place, haven't had to worry about it slipping once.

Great by itself! Excellent with Corkscrew Coil!

Last month, I was looking at Stealth Products, and read the description on Sabre Skin. The statement that "It has multiple uses in your penis enlargement routine" intrigued me as I'm very much into enlarging my penis. Long story short, many years ago, my penis turtled and shrank after glans splitting, which I no longer recommend.
Since then, I've spent so much time and resources to get my penis back to size and functionality. When I looked for Penis Sleeves on the Internet, I found all kinds, but the one that intrigued me was the SFM Sabre Skin.
At that time, I mistakenly ordered a girth size too small.
Sabre Skin came in a standard 8" length which I was able to cut down to the length of my Penis (not including the head).
As for the girth, no problem!
The Sabre Skin stretches out after regular active use.
I then purchased a number of other SFM products, and they're all excellent, but by far my most favorite is the Corkscrew Coil, which I'm wearing now. (you can see me review on the Corkscrew if your interested)
I also found that I can use my Sabre Skin with my Corkscrew Coil.
Before I forget... I Didn't throw away the portion of Sabre that I cut off.
I cut them into multiple parts, I then use the parts as Retainer bands.
I simply slip them on during light days when taking a break from penis stretching.

Rob B
Several Purchases! Awesome Results!

I’ve bought several of these sleeves over the last 6+/mo. By far, the best anti-turtling sleeve I’ve tried when compared to other brands. Bruce from customer service is awesome, and always responds! These sleeves can tear if you aren’t careful, however. Ive managed to increase my flaccid length from around 5 to 6 inches fully stretched, to between 8 to 8.5 inches fully stretched now!!! My hard erection increased from 6.8 inches to above 8inches! I DO NOT vacuum pump. I only jelq daily, weight hang 3x out the week, and FAITHFULLY wear my sleeve daily—and that’s it!!! I can now wear the entire 8inch sleeve and no longer have to cut it. I’m just waiting for the permanent gains to take effect, as my penis still retracts back down to normal size after 30-60 min of not wearing it. I’ve certainly found growth results with this product!!! As you stretch over time, you will probably endure pain, skin breaking, and bleeding, just like myself, but its well worth it!!! Just use healing creams and disinfect the area daily as needed. Best Part: People can’t help but notice my 8in bulge in public, love the attention from the ladies!!! My girlfriend can’t help but cum multiple times during sex with me putting in LITTLE TO NO effort, LMAO!! See me wearing the full 8inch sleeve with the sleeve cover below. Photo taken 10/17/23.


Love it, ordering a couple more so I don’t wear it out and can wear it everyday