The Mag-Volt is a device that creates a deep magnetic field with a galvanic current of up to 1.10-volts. This improves metabolic function for accelerated healing, increased testosterone production and flaccid size. The zinc metals also support the enzymes that regulate cell division, growth and wound healing.

The Mag-Volt has three powerful magnets, the two on top work together as a clasp for wearing/removing the device. The third magnet at the bottom produces the deep magnetic field.

The two metal beads on either side of the device are made of solid high-purity zinc. The zinc reacts with the silver/copper plated magnets to create the galvanic current.

The magnets on this device come in copper-plated and silver-plated versions. You can take your pick based on your aesthetic preference.

Improvement in blood circulation resulting in rock-hard and prolonged erections.

Enhances sexual performance.

Increased penis flaccid size.

Faster recovery rate and healing after PE exercises.

Increased sperm production, stronger ejaculations and more plentiful ejaculate.

Helps with impotence problems. 

  • Honestly I've tried so many methods to enhance what I've got for nearly 10 years, finally found a product that's doing the business for me.
  • I just made my second purchase, I must say it is an ingenius design and concept. Now I have an underwear bulge I can be proud of!
  • Stealth feels awesome, I just adjusted my package and it feels heavy and thick!... cash your check, the Stealth is well worth the money!
  • What I like best is that you can wear it to achieve an enhanced but naturally looking bulge. A great product to increase girth, length and soft size.



To calculate your size, measure the circumference of your entire genital mass next to the body. The tape should go behind the ball sack and around the base of the penis shaft while erect. Select your measurement in the drop-down menu below.


During the 1930s, anatomist and physiologist Dr. Robert Blakoe, invented an electromagnetic device known as the Blakoe ring. He developed this to help patients suffering from weak bladder control. It worked by stimulating the muscles to improve function. During his studies, an unexpected and remarkable side effect was discovered by his patients – enhanced sexual function. Their erections were stronger with greater stamina, ejaculate volume and intensity had increased dramatically. In other words, they were having better sex with more powerful orgasms!

Naturally, the patients were delighted; however, the idea behind the device was not fully appreciated and subsequently forgotten. This amazing invention was left in relative obscurity until the early 1970’s. During that time, a few interested doctors decided to conduct a full-scale medical trial to ascertain the effectiveness of the device. The study trials concluded that the ring is based on sound scientific principles.

The superior design of the Stealth Mag-Volt is more economical, comfortable, and convenient to wear than any of its predecessors. It is based on the original Blakoe principals. It also draws inspiration from other more recent versions developed for the penis enlargement (PE) community in the early 2000s (i.e. the ball zinger and ring of power). However, Stealth has gone a step further with the new magnetic components for added therapeutic benefit. The magnets also serve as a simple method to put the device on and off to wear.


The Mag-Volt is essentially an electrochemical device that utilizes two dissimilar metals that when joined together by a salt bridge complete a circuit that can generate a mild electrical current. Electrical potential is possible with several metals, however, we chose pure zinc, copper or silver for their biocompatibility as described later in the notes.

When immersing a Zinc bar (Zn) in a saline solution, the Zn loses an electron more readily than a Copper (Cu) or Silver (Ag) bar. When the two metals are connected by a salt bridge and an electric conductor, they form a closed circuit for electrons and ions to flow as a result of the spontaneous redox reaction. This is called a galvanic cell and the chemical equation is represented as Zn / Zn2+ // Cu2+ / Cu or Zn / Zn2+ // Ag2+ / Ag. The copper or silver ions gain an electron (oxidation), and zinc loses an electron (reduction). The chemical to electrical conversion can be measured at the conductor terminal to show a maximum of 1.10 volts DC for copper and 1.56 volts for silver.

When wearing the Mag-Volt, the body sweat acts as a salt bridge to generate an electrical current with three magnets for the added benefit of the magnetic field. The combined electromagnetic field improves metabolic function at the cellular level for accelerated healing, increased testosterone production, harder longer lasting erections with more powerful orgasms.

Additionally, the exposure to Zinc supplementation supports the enzymes that regulate cell division, growth and wound healing. Copper contributes as an anti-aging factor which works in tandem with Zinc to balance the uptake of either element into the body. Silver is a known Ayurvedic agent for increased strength and stamina, an anti-inflammatory with antiseptic properties. Although the amount of zinc, copper and silver ions released by the Mag-Volt™ are small, the health benefits are substantial.

Wearing the Mag-Volt

The flexible silicone tube of the Mag-Volt™ makes it comfortable to wear 24 hours a day. Once the size has been adjusted the device will not be noticeable when wearing. However, pubic hairs may get caught between the magnetic clasp. To avoid this, trim the pubic hair at the base of the genitals. Initially, the Mag-Volt should be worn 4-8 hours in duration and then increasing up to 24 hours a day with more experience. Some users prefer to wear the Mag-Volt™ only at night for improved erection quality. Use during sex will amplify the intensity and duration of the erection along with more powerful orgasmic contractions with an increased quantity of ejaculate. PE practitioners will appreciate the benefit of reduced healing time required for post-session recovery.

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Robert Aguilar
Soon the mag volt will follow in an idea that i needs a belt like attached to a jockstrap

The magvolt is actually a representation of the the hands the broke them in the beginning. They are skilled hands in many areas work hands, fighting arts hands, and strong hands. The mag volt is most importantly safe to use without getting a mark on the skin. and a