Mag-Volt 2.0


The Mag-Volt device creates a deep magnetic field with a mild galvanic current of up to 1.10-volts. This improves metabolic function for accelerated healing, increased testosterone production and greater flaccid size. The zinc metal supports enzymes that regulate cell division, growth and wound healing. Copper plays an important role in making red blood cells, forming collagen, and protecting cells from damage. While silver acts as a powerful antimicrobial agent, while also promoting healing, regulation of internal heat and blood flow.

The Mag-Volt includes a set of powerful clasping magnets that make it easy to put on and off for wearing. Magnet therapy reduces inflammation, pain and while promoting blood flow and healing.

Two of the metal beads on either side of the device are made of solid high-purity zinc. The zinc reacts with a third bead made of solid copper and the silver-plated magnets to generate a galvanic current for a mild charge of electricity.

The medical grade silicone tube houses the stranded stainless steel aircraft wire for connecting the metal beads which act as electrodes for completion of the circuit when in contact with the skin of the body as the salt bridge.

Improved blood circulation for prolonged rock-hard erections.

Optimizes metabolic processes for quicker recovery and healing benefits.

Boosts confidence with enhanced sexual performance.

Increased sperm production, stronger orgasms with copious ejaculate.

Increased flaccid penis size and scrotal mass.

Helps overcome impotence problems related to physiological issues.

  • The Mag-Volt has been an excellent addition to my routine. The magnetic clasp design makes it incredibly easy to put on and take off. I’ve noticed significant improvements in blood circulation and healing. Truly a game-changer.
    S. Ortiz
  • I’ve been using the Mag-Volt for a few weeks, and it’s amazing! My recovery time is quicker, and I feel so much more confident in the bedroom. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a boost!
  • I’ve struggled with some issues, and the Mag-Volt has been a lifesaver. My erections are stronger, and I’ve seen a noticeable increase in flaccid size. It’s definitely worth trying out. I’m so happy with it
    Arjun P.
  • The Mag-Volt’s blend of zinc, copper, and silver has done wonders for my overall health. I’ve experienced better metabolic function and increased stamina. The antimicrobial benefits of silver are just a bonus. It’s a fantastic product
    Marcus W.

Mag-Volt 2.0


To calculate your size, measure the circumference of your entire genital mass next to the body. The tape should go behind the ball sack and around the base of the penis shaft while erect. Select your measurement in the drop-down menu below.


In the 1930s, Dr. Robert Blakoe, an anatomist and physiologist, developed an electromagnetic device called the Blakoe Ring. Initially designed to help patients with weak bladder control, the device used muscle stimulation to enhance bladder function. Surprisingly, during his studies, Dr. Blakoe’s patients reported an unexpected side effect: enhanced sexual function. They experienced stronger erections, increased stamina, greater ejaculate volume, and more intense orgasms.

While the patients were delighted, the broader medical community did not fully embrace the device, and it faded into obscurity until the 1970s. At that time, a few intrigued doctors conducted extensive trials, confirming the device’s effectiveness based on sound scientific principles.

The modern Stealth Mag-Volt builds on the Blakoe principles but incorporates superior design elements, making it more economical, comfortable, and convenient. Inspired by early 2000s developments like the ball zinger and ring of power within the penis enlargement community, the Stealth Mag-Volt introduces magnetic components for additional therapeutic benefits and ease of use.


The Mag-Volt is an electrochemical device that utilizes dissimilar metals—specifically zinc, copper, and silver—known for their biocompatibility. These metals are connected by a wire and a salt bridge, forming a galvanic cell that generates a mild electrical current through a redox reaction. The chemical equations for these reactions are Zn / Zn2+ // Cu2+ / Cu and Zn / Zn2+ // Ag2+ / Ag, yielding maximum voltages of 1.10 volts with copper and 1.56 volts with silver.

The device leverages the moisture from the skin to act as a salt bridge, facilitating the electrical current while the embedded magnets produce a magnetic field. This environment enhances metabolic functions at the cellular level, accelerates healing, boosts testosterone production, and contributes to stronger, longer-lasting erections and more powerful orgasms. Additionally, the trace release of zinc supports cellular division and wound healing, copper aids in maintaining red blood cell counts and cellular protection, and silver provides increased strength and stamina, along with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Wearing the Mag-Volt

The Mag-Volt™ is designed with a flexible silicone tube for comfort, allowing 24-hour wear once properly adjusted. To prevent discomfort, users are advised to trim pubic hair around the base of the genitals where magnetic clasps might catch hairs. Initially, it’s recommended to wear the Mag-Volt for 4-8 hours, gradually increasing to continuous wear. Some users may prefer nighttime use only, which can still enhance erection quality and contribute to noticeable genital size gains. During sexual activity, the Mag-Volt can amplify erection intensity and duration, increase ejaculate volume, and enhance orgasmic contractions. Penis enlargement practitioners will particularly benefit from the reduced recovery time needed after sessions.

Customer Reviews

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S. Ona
Love how it feels

I've been wearing the mag-volt almost daily since receiving. Love how it feels!


I have been wearing Mag-Volt for several years and it is a very good product, really effective, especially during periods of flabbiness, significantly increasing size and length. I wear it all day and even some nights giving me a blazing wake-up call!!!!! I will order the Mag Volt 2.0


Je porte le Mag-Volt depuis plusieurs années et c'est un très bon produit réellement efficace surtout en période flasque, augmentant nettement grosseur et longueur.
Je le porte toute la journée et même certaines nuits me procurant un réveil flamboyant !!!!!
Je vais commander le 2 .