Graphene Heat Pad


Experience unparalleled warmth & comfort with our heat pad, designed for deeper heat penetration than traditional pads. Its ability to promote enhanced thermal transition of collagen microstructures allows optimal plastic deformation during stretching. Elevate your Stealth Vac-Hanger Pro by adding this advanced FIR heat therapy.

Our broad spectrum of 99 sizes helps ensure that every man gets his perfect fit. For optimum performance, Stealth must be sized accurately. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

Measuring Instructions


To measure length: In the flaccid (soft) condition, clamp your penis head using your thumb and finger. Fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch.


Lightly press the ruler slightly (1/2" only) into the fat pad towards the pubic bone. Measure along your shaft without including your penis head.


After you’ve measured yourself, enter your length into the drop-down menu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tedisco Antonio
Works great

I got my Graphene Heat Pad up and running and it works great. I used the red light function and the heating was good and intense but not annoying. I am happy with the purchase prechè practical and non-invasive.

Great Accessory

This is great to use along with the vac hanger. It provides deep tissue warming which, in theory, should aid in tissue and ligament stretching. The unit is of high quality, is easy to use, and comfortable to wear. Great job, Stealth!

Sven H.

The heat settings are super easy to manage, and the pad itself is comfortable to wear. It's made a significant difference in my Vac-Hanger experience, and I can't wait to see what other accessories you come up with!

Aiden S.

The FIR technology is legit – I can feel the heat penetrating deeper than any other pad I've tried. It's made my sessions more effective and enjoyable. Props to the team for coming up with such an awesome accessory!

C Martinez
Love it :)

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how impressed I am with the heat pad. It's been a fantastic addition to my Vac-Hanger routine. The 10-minute warm-up and warm-down suggestion has made a huge difference for me.