The Corkscrew can be worn on top of your Innerwear for an active all-day stretch. Simply slide it on and twist the last few coils to secure in place. This targets the suspensory ligaments of your penis to gain length faster. Innerwear sold separately.


The corkscrew is available in all 99 original Stealth sizes for a perfect fit.


Unlike other stretchers, the Corkscrew can be comfortably worn for 8+ hours.


Can be concealed under loose fitting clothing and worn during your daily activities.

  • Honestly I've tried so many methods to enhance what I've got for nearly 10 years, finally found a product that's doing the business for me.
  • I just made my second purchase, I must say it is an ingenius design and concept. Now I have an underwear bulge I can be proud of!
  • Stealth feels awesome, I just adjusted my package and it feels heavy and thick!... cash your check, the Stealth is well worth the money!
  • What I like best is that you can wear it to achieve an enhanced but naturally looking bulge. A great product to increase girth, length and soft size.



Please follow the measuring instructions at the bottom of this page. Then enter your length and girth into the drop-down boxes below. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you.

Our broad spectrum of 99 sizes helps ensure that every man gets his perfect fit. For optimum performance, Stealth must be sized accurately. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

Measuring Instructions


To measure length: In the flaccid (soft) condition, clamp your penis head using your thumb and finger. Fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Lightly press the ruler slightly (1/2" only) into the fat pad towards the pubic bone. Measure along your shaft without including your penis head.


To measure girth: Once again, fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your shaft right behind the penis head. If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap a strip of paper behind your penis head. Mark the strip of paper and then measure the distance on a ruler.


After you’ve measured yourself and double-checked for accuracy, enter your length and girth into the drop-down menus. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you. The size code will be shown in the display box for your reference. You may manually adjust it, if needed.

How to Measure

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Bruce, the SFM fitting specialist was outstanding and very helpful throughout the process. The corkscrew works as advertised and should be viewed as a must have accessory to the system.

Paul Tummolo
Awesome product

The cork screw is one of the most modern and comfortable, unique devices i have ever tried.
And i have tried them all to gain a bit extra.
I can wear the corkscrew for hours with very little discomfort.
I like the stretch it gives you and has the weight you need for double action.
Im a weight lifter as well and this is another way to work out another body part.

Love the Feeling and weight!!

Keep trying and experimenting until you find your comfort level like I needed to. Don't give up after first try and leave it in the bottom of the bag.
I love the weight and the stretch I didn't even trim off any coils.
I have also been able to increase the length of time I wear it each day!
I am excited to see the results over time!
Thanks for the great products and confidence booster!

Amazing addition

So glad I added this to my Innerwear purchase

First impressions

First impression is this thing is super heavy! But don’t be scared. Try it out! It’s just the right weight to give you an all day stretch. Love it already.