June, 2020

Purchased few years ago only jacket but am curious about new products that are available. I’ve researched reviews on goggle there where positive and negative reviews. Would love to try complete product and give my own review

June, 2020

Innerwear…both strap and strapless – I cannot say enough about Stealth for Men and their products! I remember first starting out in a “C” and remembering how tough it was “stretching” to fit. I am now wearing an “F”!

It has been amazing watching the fit over the years get bigger and longer! I even wore my sleeve to a waterpark; twice, with no worries of it coming of or that dreaded “turtle bump”.

If you ever want to handle turtling or expand your universe, you have to start using Stealth for Men!

June, 2020

Bought a Sabre Skin for (vacuum) pumping.

The back pressure makes it fat and swollen and extends its length.

Where other sleeves tore, this one stays whole and keeps shape.

Great purchase!

June, 2020

The Stealth products have had amazing results on me. I have a lot more length flaccid and have gained a lot of self confidence. The innerwear products are so comfortable to wear and as you get used to them you feel naked without wearing one. I finally feel confident in the locker room with my clothes off.

The corkscrew works very well, but I would not wear it out in public. Thanks for the great products.

June, 2020

Three years ago, I searched for something to address turtling especially when exercising and working out. The innerwear has been the perfect solution. Now I always buy a new one to keep on hand when it is time to change it out. More people need to know about this product because it is an absolute game changer!

June, 2020

Stealth is a fantastic product. But I can’t stress enough to triple check measurements. Some trial and error may even be involved. Discovered I was longer than I thought but not as girthy as I’d measured. Try to account for any shrinkage! Looking forward to trying the Sabre Skin.

June, 2020

I can’t sing the praises of this product enough. When erect I’m almost average at 5.5″ but it literally goes inside of me when I’m soft. Not anymore thanks to the innerwear. It’s given me a whole new sense of confidence and I don’t feel ashamed anymore. It’s comfortable and can be worn all day. Using the bathroom is not a problem. If you have any insecurities about turtling you need to get the innerwear and corkscrew!

June, 2020

Excellent quality and super comfortable. Love the enhanced bulge as well as the constant grip.

June, 2020

Hello there!

First, I have bought you: Innerwear.

I am an Asian Taiwanese, the size may not be as large as Europe and the United States, so I bought the smallest size, but I also found that the problem is that the front end has to be very hard in history. It will be troublesome every time it is worn. It can’t be as easy as wearing ordinary underwear, but I feel that if the design is too loose and I worry that it will fall off, after all, this private place, when people are busy or attentive, they will always be small in size, not as big as getting up in the morning. ! However, I suggest that you can refer to one of your own products: Sabre Skin, I also buy it, and I cut it to make it more direct to apply, and I found that it is not difficult to use. You may be able to improve it: Innerwear!

Second, I also bought yours: Strapless Innerwear. Because the size will be small when people are busy, she will easily fall behind and I will not use it! Thank you!

Third, I have bought you: Sabre Skin. This thing I put on the front or back end is very practical. The front end can be used during the day or night without falling down and is comfortable. The back end can be used at night!

June, 2020

I’ve been using Stealth for a couple of years and the results have been amazing!!! Not only do I get a bigger bulge (which has gotten some attention) but my flaccid length has gotten longer over time. The innerwear is perfect to wear discretely and easy to remove when needed. To top it off their customer service is great and very accommodating when I had an issue with delivery they managed to resolve it and exceeded my expectations. As long as you get your measurements right then its highly recommended for anyone who’s on the fence about it. I can’t wait to try their other products!



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