June, 2020

After receiving the product I had doubts, but I found out that it’s not useless because it provided regular blood flow that kept the penis in expand shape due to the sleeve.

June, 2020

After starting with the innerwear product, and noticing a significant difference in growth, girth and overall comfort, I decided to step it up a notch with the strapless version. It made a huge difference within one week! I’ve noticed my dangle lasts longer with zero room for shrinkage. The sheath helps so much on multiple levels. Wearing it all day long, or short term, it works wonders. I’ve even learned it works great even in the pool, keeping my bulge looking great, no matter the temperature. Plus, once wet, the sheath becomes just heavy enough to keep stretching my shaft even without trying… the Sabre Skin helps in this aspect too, though it’s a bit more difficult to get on. These items are especially great if you’re like me and love going commando, because who doesn’t love a great print in your pants?!

The innerwear is easily put on in comparison to the strapless version, but once the strapless version is stretched out a little, it’s much easier to put on. What’s even more special is that there’s more than one way to use these products. To each their own… try it today and I promise you’ll notice a change, and so will those around you! I’m excited to try the corkscrew for my next purchase, and to see what excitement comes with it!

June, 2020

I purchased the innerwear shipping was pretty fast and i like how it enhances my package and it’s comfortable for all day long wear. I would recommend this to anyone.

June, 2020

This is great! I have enjoyed these products for over a year. This has stopped turtling, increased length while hanging😉, and has boosted confidence in a variety of clothing and situations. I will always like to be hanging with Stealth!

June, 2020

I purchased the Innerwear well over a year ago, and still use it. The quality has held up well. I’m quite a “grower”, and have tried C-rings and glans rings in every material and size. My issue with being a grower is that they sometimes slip off when shrinkage happens. I enjoy the feeling of the Innerwear with the skins that are included. I did notice that when using the restroom my stream gets blocked, so I try to slip it off quickly beforehand. My partner doesn’t think I “need” this device, but I like the extra bulge enhancement when rocking my swim briefs at the beach. I really want to try out the Sabre Skin and Corkscrew!

June, 2020

Très bon produit, confortable et efficace! Je le recommande a tous!

June, 2020

1.Quality product

2. Made and designed well

3. Helps on those shrinkage days

4. Gives you a nice profile in pants but not overly done.

5. Helps with gains and with other PE excercises and equipment.

6. Quick customer service

June, 2020

I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce as I’ve been navigating PE methods. First, the customer service is above and beyond and everyone is so respectful. Mika is another representative that helped me, who was also very professional and knowledgeable. Above and beyond my expectations. Second, the quality of these products are top notch and are extremely comfortable to wear. I forget mine is on at times! That’s unheard of with stretchers. I have been using my innerwear and sabre skin for approx 2 months and I have already seen a difference. I imagine, I will be very pleased in the next year or so. Because of the high standard of both customer service and quality, I plan on giving my business to Stealth. – New Loyal Customer, Bryan

June, 2020

STEALTH is serious active-wear for one of the most active parts of a man’s body! If you’re seriously interested in giving your active man parts the best, get STEALTH Innerwear! It’s better than UnderArmour for your cock!

June, 2020

Fantastic products, I highly recommend them.



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