June, 2020

Très bon produit, confortable et efficace! Je le recommande a tous!

June, 2020

1.Quality product

2. Made and designed well

3. Helps on those shrinkage days

4. Gives you a nice profile in pants but not overly done.

5. Helps with gains and with other PE excercises and equipment.

6. Quick customer service

June, 2020

I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce as I’ve been navigating PE methods. First, the customer service is above and beyond and everyone is so respectful. Mika is another representative that helped me, who was also very professional and knowledgeable. Above and beyond my expectations. Second, the quality of these products are top notch and are extremely comfortable to wear. I forget mine is on at times! That’s unheard of with stretchers. I have been using my innerwear and sabre skin for approx 2 months and I have already seen a difference. I imagine, I will be very pleased in the next year or so. Because of the high standard of both customer service and quality, I plan on giving my business to Stealth. – New Loyal Customer, Bryan

June, 2020

STEALTH is serious active-wear for one of the most active parts of a man’s body! If you’re seriously interested in giving your active man parts the best, get STEALTH Innerwear! It’s better than UnderArmour for your cock!

June, 2020

Fantastic products, I highly recommend them.

June, 2020

Purchased few years ago only jacket but am curious about new products that are available. I’ve researched reviews on goggle there where positive and negative reviews. Would love to try complete product and give my own review

June, 2020

Innerwear…both strap and strapless – I cannot say enough about Stealth for Men and their products! I remember first starting out in a “C” and remembering how tough it was “stretching” to fit. I am now wearing an “F”!

It has been amazing watching the fit over the years get bigger and longer! I even wore my sleeve to a waterpark; twice, with no worries of it coming of or that dreaded “turtle bump”.

If you ever want to handle turtling or expand your universe, you have to start using Stealth for Men!

June, 2020

Bought a Sabre Skin for (vacuum) pumping.

The back pressure makes it fat and swollen and extends its length.

Where other sleeves tore, this one stays whole and keeps shape.

Great purchase!

June, 2020

The Stealth products have had amazing results on me. I have a lot more length flaccid and have gained a lot of self confidence. The innerwear products are so comfortable to wear and as you get used to them you feel naked without wearing one. I finally feel confident in the locker room with my clothes off.

The corkscrew works very well, but I would not wear it out in public. Thanks for the great products.

June, 2020

Three years ago, I searched for something to address turtling especially when exercising and working out. The innerwear has been the perfect solution. Now I always buy a new one to keep on hand when it is time to change it out. More people need to know about this product because it is an absolute game changer!


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