Mag-Volt Presale Access

The Mag-Volt is a device that creates a deep magnetic field and 0.9-volt galvanic current. This improves metabolic function for accelerated healing and increased testosterone production. The zinc metals also support the enzymes that regulate cell division, growth and wound healing.

The Mag-Volt has three powerful magnets, the two on top work together as a clasp for wearing/removing the device. The third magnet at the bottom produces the magnetic field.

The two metals on either side of the device are made of solid high-purity zinc metal. These react with the magnets to create the mild galvanic current.

The magnets on this device come in copper-plated and silver-plated versions. You can take your pick based on your aesthetic preference.

The Mag-Volt can bring you benefits in the following areas:

1. Improvement in blood circulation for rock hard and prolonged erections.
2. Enhanced sexual performance, and helps with impotence problems.
3. Increased penis flaccid size.
4. Faster recovery rate and healing after PE exercises.
5. Increased sperm production, stronger ejaculations and more plentiful ejaculate.

The Mag-Volt is expected to sell out quickly once it’s available for sale. As we’re reaching the final stages of production, we have set up a form for our valued customers to request pre-sale access. If you get on this list, you will have to option to purchase it a few days before we announce it to the public. You can sign up using the form below.