How to Wear The Stealth Garment

1. Make sure your Stealth Garment’s baseband is folded with the white “Stealth” lettering positioned right side up in the same orientation as your regular underwear.
2. Place the entire genital mass (penis and testicles) through the baseband.
3. Insert two fingers into the silicone ring and firmly clamp onto the penis head.
4. Pull the penis head through the silicone while holding the base of the sheath.
5. Secure the silicon ring behind the penis head.
6. Adjust the baseband to comfort. For a tighter fit, snap the baseband buttons.

How to use the Stealth Jacket and Skin

The Stealth Jacket and Skin should be worn on top of the Stealth Garment in layers for a firmer sheath with longer extension, fatter girth and improved durability of the product.

1. Insert your two thumbs into one end of the black sleeve and fold the edge back over your fingers.
2. Place your penis head into the open end of the folded sleeve.
3. Using your thumb, push the penis halfway inside the sleeve.
4. Unfold the sleeve so that the edge is positioned at the base of your penis
5. Grip the other end of the sleeve that is hanging off the penis by inserting your fingers and then fold the edge back over the thumbs.
6. Slide the sleeve back over itself towards the base of the penis to create a firm double layer along the entire shaft
7. Repeat the same steps above for the flesh-tone Stealth Skin

Video Instructions

For a visual demonstration of these instructions, please view the video below.

Retainer Band

In cases of hyper-retraction, the Retainer Band can be positioned on top of the fabric directly behind the glans to prevent slippage. The band can also be worn at the base of the penis to effectively maintain engorgement of the entire shaft and glans (penis head) for a secure grip.

Healthy Functions

Your Stealth Garment is specially treated to produce Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays, otherwise known as “healthy functions”. These functions not only optimize the health of your penis with improved blood flow and metabolic processes but also act as an anti-bacterial agent. As a result your Stealth will remain smelling fresh much longer than regular clothing.

Washing Instructions

For best results hand wash your Stealth in warm water with mild soap only. Do not use heavy detergents, bleaches or water softeners, as these will diminish the healthy function nano-treatment. Hand dry or Machine dry on high heat as per your preference.

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