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Stealth Man

Interesting story.

I am presently at the factory in China working to complete the new Stealth Vac-Hanger kit. I currently hang 2x daily, once in the morning and again in the evening for an hour and a half total time. I usually start work an hour earlier than the crew but I was a bit late in setting up for the session this morning.

Typically I reply to the support emails during hang time (I am in the middle of the evening session as I write this now). In any case, I was sitting at the desk behind the computer when one of the female workers, who is quite attractive btw, briefly knocked on the door before quickly entering to come over to the side of the desk and show me something she was working on.

Although my general appearance looked as if everything was in perfect order, the fact of the matter was, my pants were down to my ankles with 10 lbs of weight hanging from my penis. It was hard to keep a subtle smile off my face as I looked into her eyes while she explained her question in Chinese. I let her know that she could use the A34, which is the largest girth in the series, to make a custom A40 and off she went.

Once she was gone I looked down to see exactly what was on display and noted that although my button shirt completely covered the hip, my naked thigh was quite visible before the legs disappeared under the desk. During the discussion, there was no hint of her being distracted so I don’t know if she just ignored the matter, or if she actually didn’t notice anything.

Weird and curious experience but not unpleasant at all.

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